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Консультация по рекламному проекту




СОСТОИТСЯ 4.07.2013г. в 13.00

АУДИТОРИЯ 308 (главный корпус)


Russian Federation, 602264, Murom, Vladimir region, st. Orlovskaya, 23 Murom Institute Vladimir State University

Phone number 8-(49234)-772-02, E-mail: ArmandMurom@mivlgu.ru.

Co-chair of the program Committee - Vladislav Venediktovich Bulkin

Secretary of the organizing Committee - Lyubov Vladimirovna Kitaeva

The conference program

Information will be available after may 15, 2020

Registration Fees

Participation with the report - 1500 rubles, postgraduates and students - 750 rubles.

Important dates

• December 1, 2019.
Deadline for Abstract Submission.

• January 31, 2020.
Deadline for Full Paper Submission

• March 15, 2020.
Notification of authors about inclusion of reports in the program.

• April 15, 2020.
Deadline for payment of the registration fee.

Scientific direction

1. All-Russian open scientific conference «Modern problems of remote sensing, radar, wave propagation and diffraction»

Keynote speakers

Ivannikov A.P., N.Novgorod - The concept of building signal-code structures using OCDM technology for narrow-band communication channels

Nasyrov I.A., Kazan - Studies of wave structures in the upper atmosphere stimulated by the solar terminator and the powerful radio emission of the SURA stand

Bulkin V.V., Murom - Development of radiometeorology at the Murom Institute. On the 75th anniversary of Valery V. Falin

Organizing Committee


Chaykovskaya N.V. - Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Murom;

Deputy chairman:

Bulkin V.V. - Doctor of Sciences, Murom;

Shchukin G.G. - Doctor of Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg;

Zhiznyakov A.L. – Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Murom.

Members of the organizing Committee:

Pažin Y.M. – General Director of «Murom factory of radio measuring devices»;

Denisov S.N. – Director General of «Murom radio factory»;

Skvortsov K.V. - Deputy Director MI VlSU Murom;

Privezentsev D.G. – Candidate of Sciences, Murom;

Рrogram Committee


Shchukin G.G. - Doctor of Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg;


Bulkin V.V. - Doctor of Sciences, associate Professor, Murom;

Lukin D.S. - Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Dolgoprudny.

deputy chairman: