17-18 May 2009

American students of Illinois State University majoring in criminal justice and political science, two faculty members, and 91 Murom students participated in the project. The most important event was the seminar, “The Role of the Jury in the US and the RF”. Among the issues discussed were jury selection procedure, selecting a jury for a case, voir dire examination, and the justice of verdicts. The American students toured the Institute. They enjoyed the film about Murom and the guided tour around the town’s places of interest.

Class discussion “The Role of the Jury in the US and Russia”

American participants of the project answer the questions.

In the Murom Institute Library

Taking a tour of the main Institute building

Nickolas Kravat (Criminal Justice Sciences)
tells about student life in the USA.

Russian and American students become friends.

Saying good-bye to American friends!