19-20 April 2008

American Home teachers (Dana Buckman, Duncan McGreery, and Meghan White), 2 Institute language instructors, and 43 Murom students studying English participated in the project. The subject for research was “East-West: Cross-Cultural Dialogue”.

Students gave their presentations on eastern cultures (Taiwan, China, India, Hong Kong, and Japan), western cultures (Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, the USA), and Russian culture, which has inherited both eastern and western traditions.

Many students are interested in the discussion of the subject, “East-West: Cross-Cultural Dialogue”.

The jury listens attentively to the Russian speakers.

The Chinese culture was the focus of the research performed by a law student, Anna Bakina.

Murom students are eager to ask questions.

The local history museum is where people can breathe the air of Murom’s ancient history.