2 February 2011

American Home teachers (Rudy Benik, Emily Peyton, Ann Murdoch, Bethany Stringer, Alex Bearden, Alli Germain), two faculty members (N.V. Zhilenko and E.A. Pankratova), and 11 Murom students studying English participated in the project. The Russian students enjoyed the tour of the house because it was very interesting to see the inside of a typical American home built on Russian land. The discussion, taking the form of questions and answers about personal interests and hobbies, professional careers, and attitudes toward the environment and comparing American and Russian cultures, brought both sides closer.

Russian tea ceremony held in American Home contributed much to establishing friendly relationship between the Russians and Americans.

I was glad to visit American Home in Vladimir. The meeting with American teachers gave the opportunity to practice English and to learn more about their culture, education, sport and other interesting things. The tour about the house gave a clear picture about the everyday life of Americans.

Lena Ogneva

The trip to American Home left a lasting impression and good feelings with me. It was very interesting to communication with American teachers in nonofficial atmosphere and to learn many new things about culture, traditions, education and everyday life in the US. I consider the trip as a unique experience which you can not get anywhere.

Anastasya Lazareva

The trip to American Home was very informative as it was my first experience in communication with representatives from a foreign country. It was very useful for improving my English language skills. During the trip I learnt about the founder of the American Home – Ron Pope. I also learnt about the influence of American Home on the development of relations between our countries.

Alexandr Oparin

In winter holidays I went to Vladimir to American Home. This was a good place for the conversation with Americans. They are very interesting people. We joked and talked on different themes. Also we discussed world news, sang songs, drank tea. We saw the home made like a real American home. American people are very cheerful and kind. I liked the trip because I had a good time. I would like to visit this place with pleasure again.

Maria Nelina

I visited an American home during my holidays. That was a very enjoyable experience. We had many interesting talks with the Americans that was a very useful practice for us. We learned many interesting things about their life and customs. We were shown a pattern of a middle class family house. I must confess the Americans produced a very favorable impression on us. They were hospitable, merry and funny to some extent. I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Lena Karpova

We were very glad, that we were invited to American home. This building looked like very comfortable American house. But the most interesting was contact with American people. They were very sociable and I understood their words. I could ask them about Russian literature and their favourite films and music. We were surprised, that some Americans spoke Russian like Russians. I think, we had a good time! I will be glad to visit American home again!

Alexandr Galkin

American home teachers are receiving Russian guests from Murom

Russian-American friendship

Russian students read poems and sing songs in English

Discussion of the problems of education, culture and traditions

American teachers tell about the American Home resources centre

The tour about the American Home guided by American teachers

Russian tea tradition in American Home

Saying good-bye to the American Home