21-22 April 2007

American Home teachers (Sara Beach, Joanna Greenlee, Aaron Hale-Dorrell, and Eric Leikin), 3 Institute language instructors, 2 post-graduate students, and 33 Murom students studying English participated in the project. The subject for discussion was: “Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory and Practice”.

Murom students gave presentations of various aspects of the issue: intercultural communication and globalization, sociocultural competence for a dialogue between cultures, stereotypes, interculturalism and multiculturalism, culture shock, and intercultural misunderstandings.

Presentation of a law student, Elena Suvorina, on the problems of interculturalism, multiculturalism, and pluralism

The jury members are ready to award the winners of the conference.

After the conference

Touring the holy places of Murom

Russian-American group with the monument to Ilya Murometz in the background