23-25 March 2011

The Institute’s Foreign Language Department welcomed a teacher of history for gifted and talented students Thomas Murdoch and a librarian Julie Veazie. Seven foreign language instructors and 147 students of all institute departments participated in the project. Introduction started with the tour about the main institute building conducted by the students of Economics and Management Department. Native Murom land history and culture awareness facilitated by the students’ English language skills helped to present American guests long and rich in events history of the city, orthodox spirit of the present and our hope for a bright future. American guests visited historic, spiritual and cultural places of Murom. Educational part of the project included American guests’ visiting English classes for students of all departments as native speakers. Our students were eager to ask questions about the culture, traditions and everyday life in the USA. The English language was also the means for discussing specialism-oriented subjects, among which are legal ground of an American society, social welfare, economic crisis, the problem of nuclear power plants safety and others. A seminar for staff members “Modern methods of teaching and education” with participation of American guests gave both sides the opportunity to exchange the opinions about teaching information literacy, developing students’ communicative skills, motivating students to read books, training young teachers, etc. The discussion testified, that teaching and education problems are similar in both Russian and American societies, pedagogical technologies, used to solve them differ. We have much to learn from each other! The students and foreign language department instructors agree that this project promotes establishing friendly and professional relations among the participants of the cross-cultural dialogue which must go on.

Faculty members of the Foreign Language Department are glad to receive American teachers

Tomas Murdoch and Julie Veazie are ready to share their views with Murom students

American guests speak about Illinois, the state where they live and work in

Tomas Murdoch speaks about American life with enthusiasm

The project supervisors (Elena Pankratova and Natalya Zhilenko) with the American guests

The discussion of urgent educational problems of Russia and the United States at the round table with tea and Russian pies

On the land of the epic hero Ilya Murometz

In the Murom House of Folk Arts

Russian and American “boyaryni” under the protection of a Russian warrior

Russian and American “vityazi”

On the area of the Savior’s Transfiguration Monastery


Our meeting with the Americans was interesting. Tomas Murdoch told us about social rights and benefits for women and children. Tom and Julie were sociable and friendly.

Ekaterina Neystroeva

It was nice to talk to Americans. I asked many questions, and I was glad that they understood me and I understood them. I wish such meeting to happen more often.

Sergey Krainov

It was interesting to meet Tomas again. He is absolutely like a Russian. I liked his story about school breakfasts and the Father’s Day!

Elizaveta Shikina

We discussed many topics. I told about my love to football. We sang together and I should say that they can do it well, I also was not bad at it. It is a pity that the lesson lasts only an hour and a half. I wish it lasted 3 hours or longer. We spoke about welfare in our countries. It will be nice to see photos and video made at the lesson.

Ruslan Guseinov

I liked the meeting with the Americans. We began with the song “The Wind of Change”, then we sang a Russian song together. It was fun! Tomas put down the titles of our favourite films and was going to see them.

Evgeny Raevsky

I liked Julie from the USA. I remember her kind attitude. She has a big family, 3 daughters and a son. She lives in Illinois. She plays tennis, she likes music. I am not against taking part in new meetings with Americans.

Alexey Astanin

I listened to Julie attentively and tried to understand her. Julie spoke slowly, it helped us understand her. We learned much about young people of America and their interests.

Irina Gerasina

I liked the meeting with Tom. I especially liked that he shared his thoughts about the foreign policy of his country. It will be better to organize such meetings more often as they contribute to the development of our international cooperation.

Olga Konkova

It was very interesting to listen to Tom as he was an ordinary citizen of the USA with his own opinion. The meeting is a priceless experience for me.

Anastasya Chermenyova

On the one hand, it is interesting to meet with a real American, to learn his attitude to our country and his opinion about the contribution made by the USA and USSR to the World War II. On the other hand, I had difficulties in understanding the authentic speech. It is easy to learn words and texts and it is for more difficult to communicate with a native speaker. We need more speaking practice.

Andrey Kondakov

We had an American guest – Tomas – in our English class. I understood that he liked Russia and Murom very much. I’ve learnt much about the culture and life in the USA.

Elena Burmistrova

Tomas seemed to be a smart and interesting speaker. He shared his negative attitude toward the American policy in Libya. He wants all the countries to live in peace. We would like to have such meetings more often, because it helps to practice English language speaking skills and to broaden outlook.

Elena Fomina

At last lesson of English language we had a meeting with Tomas Murdoch. Tomas asked us about our problems and told us about problems in USA. It was really interesting and amazing to communicate with him for our group. We will hope that this good person will visit us again.

Samokhin Denis

I liked Julie and Tom very much. Julie for example served as a juror and she told us about the jury trial. We made pictures that means the American guests will remember us and tell their students about us.

Anastasya Ponyavina

It was interesting to communicate with Tom and Julie. It is more interesting to lean something new from people living in a foreign country than to work with a text describing them.

Yulia Uryupina

Meeting with Tomas and Julie was very interesting. It is always interesting to exchange information with someone from another country and to know their opinion about Russia.

Anton Fedoseev

Meetings with our American guests give us opportunity to learn more about other cultures and to see the differences from our culture.

Anna Karlina

Such meeting with American guests help us learn a foreign language better. They give opportunity to learn American culture and everyday life. It was very interesting to learn their opinion about the global conflicts.

Pavel Alexandrov

Most of all I liked their talking about their children and their achievements. It was interesting for me to know about windmills too, because this theme is connected with my field of studies.

Dmitrij Belov

We liked our meeting with Julie and Tomas. It was pleasant for us to know that the foreigners liked our native town. We had a chance to practice our English, to listen to the native speakers. We believe that our meetings wasn’t the last.

Maria Khokhlova, Veronika Tarabarova

The conversation was cognitive and emotional. It was possible for us to have a good experience in communication with Americans.

Elena Kirichenko, Daria Rogozhina

Singing the songs “Wind of Change” and “Katyusha” made our meeting more informal. So it was pleasant for us to be among new American friends.

Tatiana Vasilieva

During our meeting I “discovered the new world of America” for myself. I liked the manner of our guests’ speech. The conversation was informal. I hope that I’ll have a chance to communicate with them once more.

Grigorij Zotkin

Julie and Tomas answered all students’ questions. We learnt much interesting things about their life and hobbies. We would like to have more such meetings.

Katya Rotnova

It was interesting to listen to and ask questions. We had a good practice. Now we’d like to improve our knowledge of English, because during the meeting we didn’t always understand their speech.

Olga Zaitseva, Yulia Orlova, Irina Mironina