24-25 April 2010

American Home teachers (Stephanie Barko, Alex Dvorkin, Megan Horvath, Amanda Poitevin, and Samantha Vazquez), 2 Institute language instructors, and 39 Murom students participated in the project. They discussed issues including those touching upon the problems of policultural society and youth and ethnic subcultures. It was difficult for American teachers who served as a jury to select the winners because the students’ talks were well-prepared and accompanied by the electronic presentations about youth preferences in clothes, language, and lifestyle and also about the culture and traditions of Armenians, Azerbaijanians, and Avars. After the awards presentations the guests watched a film about Murom in English.

The students themselves organized the evening events in Murom for the Americans. Use of good English helped the Russian students show the hospitality and cordiality of Russian families.

The tour of historic and holy places in Murom helped to create unity among the Russians and Americans so they could learn the culture and language of both countries.

The weekend was very nice. Our conference with American teachers was good. The meeting was especially pleasant for me as I met my friend Alex again. I had got acquainted with him last year, and we were both very glad to see each other. On Saturday evening, we went for walk about the town: the park, the embankment, and other places. Alex told me a lot about his traveling around Russia. He likes to travel and visited many Russian towns. Knowing this, I presented him with a book about the greatest Russian towns. He was pleased. Svetlana Sherikhova
The most beautiful, very kind, and merry - all these words are about Megan. She has become an immediate relative of mine after staying at my place in Murom for two days. We strolled around the town, visited Saviour’s Transfiguration Monastery, the Oksky park. In the evening we went to the club. Megan invited me to her place in Chicago. We made such close friends that could not hold back our tears when saying good-bye to each other. I liked my new friend very much, and the most important thing was that the feelings were mutual. She left and promised to come back. My family is her family. Kristina Pisotskaya
Before the first meeting, I was nervous whether Americans would understand me. But later my worries were gone. It was rather easy to communicate with them. All Americans were friendly inclined. Smiles and joy are the two characteristics of them. I enjoyed the communication with them. Dmitry Popov
We have been looking to seeing our American friends: Megan, Alex, Amanda, and Samantha. The meeting with our friends was unforgettable. We made friends and became a big family. Despite gloomy weather, warm communication make us warm. I am glad very much that I have such remarkable friends. I will continue the communication with them. Anastasya Rusakova
Communication with American English speakers is an interesting and useful experience which motivate us to improve language skills. I am looking forward to meeting American guests. Ksenya Ivanova
I hosted Stephanie Barko. She appeared a very agreeable and sociable person. Darya Sergeeva
Having been told that Americans would come, we were scared. But when we began to talk, our fear disappeared. We showed our town to Stephanie Barko, went to the Oksky park, where we met the participants of the Moscow Fast Choir Festival who sang for us. Stephanie video-recorded them, and we made many picture not to forget that moment. Angelina Semyonova
I participated in the concert organized for the Americans. One of the guests said to me and Sergey Kraynov that we had danced well. Maksim Zaytsev

Andrey Shmelev talks about the problems of multiculturalism in modern society.

The jury of the Students’ Scientific Conference on Cross-cultural Communication problems: Alex Dvorkin, Stephanie Barko, Amanda Poitevin, Megan Horvath, and Samantha Vazquez

The winner – Igor Aparin, for his talk about the problems of modern youth groupings

Karen Pogosyan receives an award presented by jury member Alex Dvorkin for taking third place.

Darya Sergeeva with her guest Stephanie Barko

The host family of Darya Sergeeva cordially receives both Russians and Americans at heir home.

Kristina Pisotskaya receives her American guest, Megan Horvath, and Russian friend, Nastya Rusakova.

Artyom Lebedev welcomes American teacher Amanda Poitevin at his home.

Murom’s museum has much worth showing to Americans interested in Russian culture.

A Russian-American group walks along Moskovskaya Street in Murom.

The time comes to say “Good-bye!” and “So long!”