25-26 March 2010

The Institute’s Foreign Language Department welcomed Fulbright (2004) social-science teacher, Thomas Murdoch (Illinois, USA).

Students told Thomas about the Murom Institute, their studies, and cultural life with great enthusiasm. In classes, Thomas told the students about everyday life in America. It was very interesting for law students to learn about the adversary legal system in common-law countries, jury selection procedure, the crime rate, and the attitude of American society to law enforcement.

The seminar, “Modern Methods of Teaching Social Sciences”, with Thomas as a guest speaker, helped the faculty members to realize that both Russian and American colleagues belong to the same family - the family of educators - whose members diligently strive for sowing wisdom and good in the field of education in both countries.

A tour of Murom’s holy places, a visit to Murom’s new bridge, and the Art Exhibition Hall allowed our American guests to feel not only the Russian spirit of the old times, but also the fresh wind of change.

I enjoyed the communication with Mr. Murdoch. It was pleasant to understand the things the guest was talking about. I think it will be a great impression and experience. Having communicated with him I wanted to improve my language skills and pronounciation. Maryam Bazarova
In my opinion, it is wonderful that, being students, we can practice English in real communication. Thomas Murdoch gave good answers to all our questions. It would be good to have such conversations more frequently. I thank the Department of Foreign Languages and the Institute for such interesting classes. Karen Pogosyan
We were worried before the meeting with Mr. Murdoch. At the beginning, it was difficult to understand what he was talking about. But, step by step, the sense of his words became clearer and clearer. I liked the meeting and conversation with Thomas as I heard love American English of an American for the first time. Anastasya Lebedeva
The meeting was a good experience for me. I understood that, even with my limited knowledge of the English grammar, I could understand native speakers. I paid attention that Mr. Murdoch did not use many grammar tenses. I came to the conclusion that I should expand my vocabulary. From my point of view, the questions should be asked not about the information we have already learnt but about other interesting and more urgent topics (as we did with Karen). I realized that if I were somewhere in Atlanta I could find my way to the Airport. However, I should work at my English vocabulary. Dmitry Demin
After meeting Mr. Murdoch, I realized what bad pronunciation I had. I was very nervous before the meeting. So were my group mates. Tom Murdoch appeared to be a very good man. This meeting is a good experience for me in studying a foreign language. Alina Bykova
I enjoyed the meeting with an American. It was for the first time when I heard an American speaking. I understood a lot. Tatyana Sokolova
It was my first experience of communication with an American. I’ve learnt much new things from his talk; though, to be frank, some phrases of his were not clear to me. Nicholay Koliparov
It was for the first time when I met an American. I realized that they were ordinary people. I think he will come to Murom again. Inna Bandina
It was interesting to talk to an American, to listen to his views of different things that were interesting for us. Kristina Sirotkina
An interesting, positive person. Very sociable with his own political views. It was interesting to listen to him though not everything was clear to me. Everyone gets much from such meetings. Artyom Lebedev
It was interesting to meet with a citizen from a foreign state, to learn his point of view to some questions. He told us about himself, his work. It was very knowledgable. Kiril Krutov
It is a very good experience of the English language. We discussed a lot of things in a friendly atmosphere. It was nice to understand a foreign speech. It was interesting to communicate with a person who himself lives in that environment which we discussed. Svetlana Sherikhova
An interesting, much-read in literature person. His answers were informative and complete. Original foreign speech contributes to the improvement of foreign language skills. Great thanks to the department. It would be good to have, such classes more often focusing not only on the legal issues. Ksenia Rybakova
It would be interesting to learn not only about the country as a whole but also about a certain state. Svetlana Makunina
I’ve learnt much new about the things I am interested in. I would not read about it in any book. Natasha Noskova
I’ve learnt a lot from the conversation. He is a very interesting and educated person. Alexandr Titkov
I think no textbook can give you the information Mr. Murdoch has shared with us. Dmitry Rakhmanin
The communication with Americans was very cognitive, and it is necessary for getting further education. Evgeniy Lyalin
I liked the meeting. I had good impressions. It would be good to have more meetings of this kind. Roman Surkov
It is a pleasant man. Let him come more frequently. I would learn English better to understand more next time. Galina Sidneva
It was interesting to learn his opinion and the answers to our questions I hope this is not the last meeting. Yulia Kalashnikova
I have only positive impressions from our dialogue. Ekaterina Mochalova
I have only good impressions. He is a very interesting and all-round educated person. Zhanna Surkova
I think it was a successful meeting. Svetlana Polyakova

Cross-cultural dialogue between Murom students and American social studies teacher, Thomas Murdoch, in the English class for future lawyers

Our students have a real opportunity to demonstrate their level of English language proficiency to the American guest.

Thomas Murdoch shares his experience in IT technologies application in the teaching process with the faculty members.

Murom Institute students and American teacher Thomas Murdoch at the holy origin of the Murom land

Thomas Murdoch liked Murom souvenirs.