3 February 2010

American Home teachers (Alex Dvorkin, Stephanie Barko, Amanda Poitevin, Megan Horvath, and Samantha Vazquez), two faculty members (N.V. Zhilenko and E.A. Pankratova), and 21 Murom students studying English participated in the project. The Russian students enjoyed the tour of the house because it was very interesting to see the inside of a typical American home built on Russian land. The discussion, taking the form of questions and answers about personal interests and hobbies, professional careers, and attitudes toward the environment and comparing American and Russian cultures, brought both sides closer.

The trip to American Home gave me much emotions and high mood. The communication with the Americans helped to realize the necessary of learning the English language. Antonina Zhulina
It gave us a chance of practicing the language and opportunity to see the gaps in our knowledge, thus to realize the way for improving our language skills.
If you are not sure whether to go to American Home or not, my advice is yes, surely to go.
Alexandr Rabinovich
This meeting inspires us for further learning the language and the culture of this country. Maksim Gnezdov
Every visit, I feel more and more confident in spoken English. Alexey Yudakov
I was surprised by the warm and friendly meeting on the part of the American teachers. It was not boring at all. Andrey Shmelev
It is a good experience for future life! Nastya Rusakova
I’ve get a good experience of practicing spoken English. Alexandr Volkov
It was a cool excursion. It was merry and nice to be in the company of such people. Nickolay Mokhov
It was interesting to communicate with people from the other country. I will be looking forward to their coming to our town. Sergey Sharapov
I liked the hospitality of the Americans. I hope to go to American Home again. Alexandr Sosunov
I am glad to have acquainted with such remarkable and smart people. I hope our communication with them won’t be over, and we will visit each other again. Kristina Pisotskaya
It was interesting to practice your speaking skills in English. Anastasiya Putkova
After communication with Americans, I have changed my opinion about them. They are ordinary people who are easy to get along with. It will be good to spend more time in American Home. Leon Fedorov
I have been three times to American Home, and I think these trips are cognitive and useful for me and my friends. Every time we meet new people and practice our language skills. Anastasiya Gusarova
I was glad to have visited American Home, communicated in English. Elena Ogneva
The trip to American Home was remarkable. I returned home full of emotions. I’ve met new friends. Maria Sysueva
I was greatly impressed by the meeting. We were received with delight. Maria Shulpina

Murom students listen attentively to an American teacher guiding them through the American Home.

In one of the classrooms in the American Home

Amanda tells about the states American teachers came from, showing magnets on the refrigerator.

Taking pictures in the American Home

Russian students ask questions and listen to the American teachers’ answers.

American teachers answer Russian students’ questions.

Russian-American friendship

Saying good-bye to the American Home