Brief Description of the Institute

Murom Institute of Vladimir State University was founded at the education-consultative center in 1957 as a branch of the All-Union Correspondence Institute of the Mechanical-Engineering Institute, Moscow.

In 1978, the Murom branch became a part of Vladimir Polytechnical Institute. It obtained the official status of Murom Institute (branch) of Vladimir State University under the Russian Federation (RF) Education Minister Order № 553 from 30.12.1996 in 1996.

Murom Institute (MI VlGU) conducts educational activities in accordance with the state license registration number № 2016, series AA № 002110, from 13.10.2011 and the state accreditation certificate registration number № 0992, series BB № 001004, from 22.06.2011, both issued by the RF Education Department.

  • 25 current members of international and Russian academies
  • Emeritus educator of the RF Higher School
  • 18 honorable educators of the RF Higher professional education
  • 18 professors who hold doctoral degrees
  • 105 associate professors who hold candidate degrees

Students: 5,500 (in all programs of studies)

Postgraduates: 42 (1 people studying for doctoral degrees, 41 people studying for candidate degrees)

Campus:9 buildings on campus, 6 off-campus locations at local industrial sites

Computer facilities: 25 computer rooms with over 400 PCs connected to an all-institute local network with full Internet access

Publishing centre: scientific, educational, methodological, local history, fiction, and students’ magazine

Pre-graduate education: department of pre-graduate education, various programs of preliminary courses, physics school, and technical lyceum at high school № 16 in Murom

    Services for Students
  • 300,000 books for education and research, more than 300 periodicals
  • 3 reading rooms for 205 students
  • Research circles
  • International scientific conferences
  • Participation in receiving grants of All-European competitions
  • Post-graduate courses
  • Publishing activities
  • Forensic laboratory
  • Legal counseling
  • Gym, room for shaping and athletic gymnastics, exercise facility
  • Canteen, 3 cafeterias
  • Security service
  • Assembly hall for 400 people
  • Meeting room with fireplace
  • Extra-curricular center with a cafeteria
  • Dormitory
  • Camp retreat on Lake "Svyato"
  • Home chapel of Righteous Juliania from Murom (Lazarevo)