Fulbright – Hays GPA in Russia. Murom: Past and Present

The Fulbright Project was initiated by Ronald Pope, Ph.D., and supported by faculty members N.V. Zhilenko and E.A. Pankratova. Dr. Pope included the Murom Institute Program as an integral part of the whole project. Its principle purpose is to make American social studies teachers aware of Russian/Murom history, culture, traditions, and everyday life. Russian professors, lecturers, and students of the Murom Institute, as well as other Murom citizens interested in establishing good relationships and mutual understanding with Americans, participate in the project. Typically, the program includes lectures on Murom legends and its history, visits to the local museum and the House of Folk Arts, a boat trip on the Oka River, and many discussions of Russia’s culture and way of life. Some Fulbright teachers initiate new projects involving the faculty of the Institute’s Foreign Languages Department.