General educational bachelor programs

Area of education Spheres of professional activities, qualification

Department of Economics and Management


The area of professional activities includes economic, financial, marketing, production- economic  and analytical services of the organizations of various branches, spheres and forms of ownership, financial, credit and insurance institutions, state and municipal authority bodies, the academic and departmental research organizations, general educational institutions, educational institutions  of professional and additional vocational training.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor


The area of professional activities includes the organizations of any legal form (commercial, noncommercial, state, municipal) in which graduates work as employees or heads of various management departments.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor


Graduates in this area  have knowledge in tour operating and tour agency  field, directions of tourism (international, business, ecological, cultural, etc.), state regulation, management and insurance in tourism; are capable of  developing tours independently and calculating their cost, possess the  necessary skills in the field of information and advertising support of tourist business.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Commercial Business

Bachelors of commercial business can work as commercial  directors in marketing, logistical services of wholesale and retail trade, the industrial enterprises; leading experts of a commercial structure; experts on studying the commodity market and a conjuncture of trade; employees of administrative bodies connected with trade.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Department of Law


Work is directed to the realization of rules of law and enforcement of law and order in various spheres of life of the society.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor

Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising agencies and agencies on public relations (PR-agency), departments of advertising and public relations industrial and trade enterprises, bodies of municipal management, design-studios, advertising  departments of mass media agencies, advertising-expocentres, the information-analytical and producer centers - that is all the structures interested in product  and services promotion in market.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Law and Social Welfare Organization

The certificate of  secondary vocational education  allows to work as an employee in social welfare departments, the state pension fund and private pension funds; an employee  of a passport office; an  employee  of a staff department; a lawyer’s assistant ; a legal adviser; a junior  inspector; a notary's office employee.

Qualification – lawyer

Mechanical Engineering Department

Technological Machinery and Equipment

Sphere of professional work: on the basis of information technologies designing of machines, mechanisms, the equipment for all branches of a national economy. Computer modeling and designing, computer design of any equipment. Working positions: the general designer, the main designer, the computer designer, a tester of the latest equipment, the main expert of information production technologies.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor

Design-technological Support of Mechanical Production

Professional activities: a mechanical  engineer, a design- engineer, a mechanic, the chief of a bureau, the safety engineer, the chief of checking department, the main mechanic, the chief engineer, the deputy director and director of the machine-building enterprise.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor

Technosphere Safety

Engineers and heads of enterprise safety departments, engineers of service of Gosgortekhnadzor, Gosatomnadzor, energonadzor, kotlonadzor,  laboratory assistant engineers of sanitary inspection, employees of the Extreme Emergency  commission of administration, employees of the various ecological organizations, members and chiefs of staffs Civil defense, employees of bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, officers of armies of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, FSB, heads of a fire service of the enterprises, etc.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor


Bachelors have training and practice, both within the precincts of university, and at the enterprises, can work in 50 fields (designing, installation, operation, administration, etc.).

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Department of Information Technologies

Information Systems and Technologies

Work in sphere of information systems and networks, their mathematical, information and the software, development of ways and methods of designing, debugging of manufacture and operation technical and software, information systems in various areas.

Qualification (degree) - the bachelor

Applied Information Science Programming

Computer science-managers in the organizations of sphere of service in the state and private establishments, in banks and commercial structures, the administrative and managerial organizations, in social and tax institutions, in educational institutions of all levels, heads of small enterprises, in administrative parts of a different level of any establishments - programmers, system administrators, computer science-analysts.

Qualification (degree) - the bachelor

Instrumental Engineering

Sphere of professional work - researches, development and the technologies directed to the development of the theory, creation and application of devices and the systems intended for reception and processing of the information on an environment, biological and technical objects. Work as an engineer, a designer, a technologist, a mechanic, a mathematician, a programmer, a scientific employee.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Department of Radio Electronics and Computer Systems

Design and Technology of Electronic Instrumentation

Sphere of professional work - designing and technology of the electronic means with the focus on functioning, requirements of reliability, design and conditions of operation. Work as an engineer, a design- engineer, a laboratory engineer, a manufacture-engineer, a process engineer, an electronics-engineer.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor


Sphere of professional work - methods and the means intended for transferring, reception and processing of the information. Work in as a laboratory engineer, an electronics- engineer.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Information Science and Computer Engineering

Sphere of professional work - creation and application of the computer, systems and the networks, the automated systems of processing of the information, the software of computer facilities and the automated systems. Work as an engineer, an engineer-programmer, an engineer-electronics, an engineer on the automated control systems.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Programming Engineering

Work at the enterprises of small and average business, in banks, in publishing firms, in design bureaus on creation of the software of the automated systems of designing and the automated control systems of technological processes, in educational institutions.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems

The demand of experts of this field is caused by widespread application of infocommunication systems for various purpose in different branches of practical activities. Now all experts are required knowledge and skills of work with networks and communication systems for transferring and processing the information. This knowledge and skills are gained by the students trained in the given field.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor

Department of Social Technologies and Pedagogics

Applied Mathematics and Information Science

Sphere of professional work - the research centers, the state controls, educational establishments and the organizations of various forms of ownership using methods of applied mathematics and computer technologies. Performance of research activity in the areas using methods of applied mathematics and technology.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor

Social Work

The organization of introduction of social projects and programs, preparation of projects of normative base of activity of social services, administrative work in divisions of social establishments and services, person. Work  in social bodies and institutions

Qualification (degree) –  bachelor

Educational Work: English and History

The basic kinds of professional work of the graduate are: pedagogical, cultural-educational, research.

Qualification (degree) -  bachelor

Psychology-educational Work

Graduates get the knowledge in psychological receptions of diagnostics and correction interpersonal and social attitudes, techniques of an estimation mental development of a child, get a complex of knowledge and skills in the field of the organization of educational process, cultural and entertainment actions, the theory of training, social management.

Qualification (degree) - bachelor