Native English Speakers in the Classroom

This project was initiated by two faculty members, E.A. Pankratova and N.V. Zhilenko in 2009. Its main goal is to create an authentic atmosphere for the practice of the English language in the classroom. Native speakers are invited to English classes. Students get the opportunity to use the language and to learn the foreign culture through dialogue. The project serves as method for Russian students to improve their foreign language skills and acquire English-speaking cultural awareness.

2009 Chris Jackson (Great Britain)

2010 Thomas Murdoch (Illinois, USA)

2010 Karen Porter (Pennsylvania, USA)

2011 Thomas Murdoch & Julie Veazie (Illinois, USA)

2012 Karen Porter (Pennsylvania, USA)

10-13 May 2017 - Rebecca Ruhl (Washington, USA)

2019 Scott Mooney (USA)