October – December 2010

Karen Porter, an American lawyer helped start the project. Karen Porter (B.A. George Washington University; J.D., Northeastern University School of Law) has been a lawyer in the United States for over 30 years. She has worked as a corporate counsel, editor of a prestigious legal publication, lecturer in legal writing and oral advocacy, Assistant Dean at Temple University School of Law, and for 20 years as a lawyer with a professional education organization, authoring two textbooks on insurance-related law. She is the Director of Chester County Peace Movement; Volunteer Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter. She recently earned the CELTA certification to teach English as a second language in Moscow in the University of Cambridge (England) program.

Ms. Porter’s education, work experience, and community-oriented life style helped broaden discussion of American life, law, business, and culture.

Ms. Porter performed various activities in Murom Institute:

• Conducting seminars in law covering legal education, the US judicial systems, and crime and punishment, democracy and civil society.

Six seminars were conducted: “Legal Education” (11.10.2010), “Judicial System” (18.10.2010), “Crime” (28.10.2010), “Punishment and its goals” (25.11.2010), “Democracy and civil society” (02.12.2010).

• Holding classes for discussion of business. Five classes were held: “Starting one’s own business” (27.10.2010), “Small business ideas” (03.11.2010), “Partnership in business” (10.11.2010), “Characteristics of a good manager” (17.11.2010), “Functions of an executive” (01.12.2010).

• Conducting a seminar in social work. A seminar “Social problems of modern society: Russia – USA” was conducted 23.11.2010.

• Conducting a seminar covering teaching methods for the department instructors. A seminar “Modern methods of teaching English” was conducted 03.12.2010.

• Conducting a seminar covering legal education problems for law department instructors. A seminar “The role of a lawyer in the modern American society” was held 02.12.2010.

• Visiting classes as a guest speaker and sharing life and professional experiences with Russian students. Thirty nine classes were attended.

• Reviewing teaching materials drafted by faculty members. Reviewing English translation of the Institute and the departmental web-site information.

• Attending extra-curricular activities organized by Institute students. Both the students and faculty members considered Ms. Porter’s activities to be useful.

The participants of the project: Elena Pankratova, Karen Porter, and Natalya Zhilenko

Karen Porter, an American lawyer, fields a seminar on “Legal Education” for Murom law students.

Law students want to learn more about American culture and the American way of life first-hand.

Murom Students and instructors hope that traditional Russian bread will give Karen Porter a sense of Russian hospitality and cordiality.

Taking tour of Murom