10-12 June 2014

On June 10-12, 2014 the Department of Foreign Languages received the Vanderbilt University students (Tennessee, USA) under David Johnson. Love for the Russian language and respect for Russian history and culture brought American students together.

Murom students gave a well-prepared presentation of Murom Institute demonstrating respect to the native country and high level of the English language. Vanderbilt students showed the Internet-site of their educational institution, focusing on the activities of the Russian Language and Culture Department. The talk about hobbies, preferences and attitudes among Russians and Americans brought both sides closer at the meeting. The visit to the House of Folk Arts opened the door into the Russian traditions world. The walk about Murom and sightseeing allowed the students of both sides to continue the dialogue started in unofficial environment. There were many professional, academic and cultural issues to discuss for both professors and students. The last chord was the river boat trip on the Oka river.

Let’s hope that kind and friendly relationships will be continued.