14 April 2012

American home teachers (Christina Bartol, Trevor Davis, Darcy Higgins, John McGraw, Carrie Ann Morgan, Andrea Reeny), Institute language instructor (Pankratova E.A.) and 20 Murom students participated in the project. The discussed issues included those touching upon the problems of a family.

The students’ talks were well-prepared and accompanied by the electronic presentations. The jury took into consideration the speaking skills, the depth of the problem analysis.

The American teachers jury awarded the first prize to Kulkova Ekaterina for the presentation about social problems in the USA. Baskakova Alena was the second with the speech about American Tradition of Dating. The third was Loboda Tatyana with the presentation about British and American English.

Unofficial communication continued after the conference when American guests guided by the Murom students and instructors visited Murom sights. American teachers were treated with bread called “Kulich” for them to feel the Cristian spirit of the Easter Sunday.

Thank you, American teachers, for coming and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us!

Six Americans came to our scientific conference. They listened to our reports and discussed them, asked questions, and told us about their traditions and interests. After that we showed them a film about Murom and gave them a tour of the town. I talked with John and Andrea most of all. John told us about his favourite sports and music, and Andrea told us about getting a driver’s license in the USA. At 5.39 p.m. we waved good-bye to them at the busstation.

Alena Baskakova

I enjoyed the discussed topics at the conference. American teacher actively discussed the presented issues. I was surprised at the level of their Russian. I paid attention that their attitude to the discussed problems is very serious.

Elena Burmistrova

I was surprised to see that American teachers speak Russian very well. The guests were sociable and merry. They actively participated in the discussion. They told about their traditions. I enjoyed the meeting with Americans very much.

Igor Skripnikov

The meeting with American guests was unforgettable. We all participated in the discussions about music, films, family in two languages. I felt at ease throughout the meeting. I did not have difficulties in understanding. Believe me, not a single book, no any textbook substitutes a real communication.

Anastasya Chermenyova

Kulkova Ekaterina speaks on the problems of social welfare in the USA, demonstrating a high level of the English language proficiency

The students’ presentations give food for thought and reason for discussion

The jury are active in questioning the presenters and commenting the discussed issues

Russian-American friendship

Visiting Murom’s places of interest