15 April 2016

On April 15, 2016, the foreign languages department hosted a session of the All-Russia Young Scholars Academic Conference, “Zvorykin Readings,” on the topic “Cross-Cultural Communication.” Murom students’ reports, which were dedicated to different aspects of cross-cultural interaction, were evaluated by an American jury made up of seven students from Carleton College. Each report was given in English.

The jury made comments on the reports as a whole and also devoted special attention to the most successful student presentations. In particular, the jury was impressed by those students who demonstrated a high level of English speaking, those who prepared effective visual aids, and those who were able to engage the jury in discussion about their topics.

After the serious work was over, the students engaged in informal discussions in small groups. Murom students led an excursion around the Institute museum. They also led an excursion around Murom, in which they showed Carleton students the unique monuments of their beloved city and shared some of Murom’s ancient legends. The day ended with a master class in gingerbread decorating at a Murom bakery.