23-24 April 2011

On a sunny April day the Murom Institute opened the doors welcoming three American Home Teachers (from Vladimir) Alli Germain, Bethany Stringer and Alex Bearden. Murom students were curious to know the native speakers opinions about their presentations on the researched issues of the cross cultural communication.

The American teachers jury took into consideration the English Language speaking skills level, the depth of the problem analysis, and the form of the presented information.

The American teachers awarded the first prize to Elena Karpova for the presentation about musical culture of the USA. The second was Denis Samokhin with the speech about national flags. Alexandr Galkin was the third with the presentation of car culture in the United States.

The evening part of the event was organized by the Murom students and the members of their families. Unofficial communication continued the next day, when American guests guided by the Murom students and instructors visited the local history museum, the Oksky park and orthodox churches. American teachers were treated with Easter eggs and bread called “Kulich” for them to feel the Christian spirit of the Easter Sunday.

Alli and Alex promised to come to Murom again in June. See you in summer, our American friends!

The meeting with the foreign guests made me happy. I really enjoyed the communication with American teachers. They turned out to be great people. I hope they will come to Murom again.

Ekaterina Krasilnikova

It was a fine pastime! First I was nervous, afraid of making mistakes, of misunderstanding. But my fears were in vain. Our American guests turned out to be sociable, friendly, very pleasant in communication. I learned much interesting about them: their preferences in music, their attitude to stereotypes, about the present-day situation in the USA. I was surprised and touched when I took the third place for my report on “car culture in the USA”. We discussed the news, elections, state symbols. I am sure that everybody enjoyed the meeting.

Alexander Galkin

On the 23d of April we had a students’ scientific conference. We made reports in English and our guests from the American Home in Vladimir chose the best. To my joy and surprise I took the first place for my report on American music culture. I also prepared a presentation on a computer and sang a song. I was so happy. I think that all of us had a nice time there. We sat at the table, took part in discussion, expressed our opinions and laughed. Most of all I liked Ally, she was so funny, active and clever. This event was unforgettable.

Elena Karpova

On the 23 and 24 of April I met with the guests from the United States. I enjoyed the friendly environment of the conference. The guests were easy to get along with. They told us about many different things, answered our questions. I had a good time.

Igor Skripnikov

On the 23 of April a group of American Home teachers came to our Institute. I hosted one of them. It was Alli Germain. After the conference we walked. I showed her Murom sightseeings. We also went to the village and ate traditional Russian food. Alli said that she enjoyed everything, thanked me and promised to come in summer.

Alina Gavrilina

It was very interesting to communicate with American guests, listen to their impressions about Russia and, in particular, Murom. It was exciting to speak in front of them, as your speech was evaluated by native speakers. I am glad that I have such an opportunity.

Anastasya Lazareva

I enjoyed the meeting as it was good to speak English to those who were native speakers. I liked the guests’ attitude to the problems of our government and the relations between the Russian Federation and the USA. All of the American teachers are interesting persons. I hope to see them again.

Denis Samokhin

During the communication it has turned out that there is no certain differences between Russian and American students: the same hobbies and interests. It was funny to see the three Americans who were surrounded by 20 our students having their own questions. I enjoyed informal communication and would like to have such meetings more often.

Alexandr Oparin

On the 23d and 24th of April, 2011 we had a meeting with Americans. On the 1st day we had a students’ conference. We listened to some freshmen who made their presentations. It was difficult for me to understand the conversation because the Americans talked very quickly. On the second day we walked around the city, talked on different topics and visited a museum. Alex bought a hand made Russian doll for his mother. He can speak Russian.

Olga Kuzmina

Annual students’ conference on the problems of cross-cultural communication

The presentation about unofficial symbols (see Matryoshka on the screen) by Alina Gavrilina (future lawyer)

American teachers jury are deliberating on the verdict

Alex Bearden is awarding the first prize to Elena Karpova

The conference winner Denis Samokhin (future lawyer) with the II place award handed by Bethany Stringer

The third winner – Alexandr Galkin with the presentation of car culture in the United States

Tired but happy after the conference

In Murom local museum

With the monument to Russian epic hero Ilya Muromets in the background

Cross-cultural dialogue participants walking along Murom streets

Farewell lunch at the table of friendship and mutual understanding