26-29 March 2012

Our American friend – Karen Porter (a former lawyer, the director of Chester Country Peace Movement) – visited the Foreign Languages Department of MI MlGU again.

Murom students got an opportunity to communicate with a native American speaker about modern life in the USA and different aspects of American Culture. future lawyers were lucky to attend the seminar “Legal system of the USA”, held by Karen Porter, whose legal working experience exceeds 30 years. Students could compare the information gained in our classes with that produced by the person who experienced the American system operation from the inside.

The language instructors enjoyed the seminar “Teaching methods in cross-cultural environment” with the guest-speaker Karen Porter.

The evening part of the visit included the walking tour of Murom and dinner at the student’s house – Ivanova Ksenia, whom Ms. Porter “my Russian daughter”.

When saying good-byes the American guest promised to return to Russia in autumn (2012).

See you soon, Karen!

I have learnt many interesting facts about US court system in this meeting. For example, about precedents. This is a very complicated and continues process, requiring much time and energy.

Elena Kozyreva

From Karen’s talk, I’ve learnt many new things: what is necessary to become a good lawyer. also about court system of her country, about its levels and competence of each level.

Ekaterina Zadovskaya

From the discussion with Karen I’ve learnt that each state has certain member number of district courts. The state, where Karen lives has 3 district courts. Each state has its court hierarchy. Karen is a very good woman.

Igor Skripnikov

I like the discussion with American woman lawyer. She told interesting information about examination system in State Pennsylvania. It is different from our country. Also Karen told about very difficult tests for entering American school of law. Now I have much new information about the system of courts in the USA. In her talk she focused our attention to a dog bite case.

Evgeniy Chishov

Meeting with Karen impressed me very much. It was interesting to learn about law education in the USA. For example, I did know, that if you have passed the exam in a certain state you can work only in this state. Karen used simple language and because of this her story was understandable.

Anastasya Lazareva

Lawyers should only work in a particular state. Exams are difficult too. Each state has its own laws. I have learned that the judges are selected. Supreme court draws attention not to the facts but to the law.

Elena Burmistrova

I’m glad to see Karen again. She told us about differences in education. If you want to be a good lawyer, you must study, study and study to pass LSAT. Karen also told about the court system in the USA, and that each state has its own law that applies in the case.

Anastasya Chermenyova

The seminar for future lawyers “Legal System of the USA”

American guest, Karen Porter, willingly participated in the English language class

After the class visited by the American guest

The Seminar for the English language department instructors “Teaching methods in cross-cultural environment”

Trying to read the Russian words: semya/family, lyubov/love, vernost/fiderity

True Murom present.

With a “Russian son” Lev Antonov