27 February 2013

American Home teachers (Amy Brunner, Zach Bullard, Kenney Hensley, Alexa Coccaro, Nora Murray, William Murawski, Adam Treml and Graham Welling), two faculty members (N.V. Zhilenko and E.A. Pankratova), and 19 Murom students studying English participated in the project. The discussion, taking the form of questions and answers about personal interests and hobbies, professional careers, and comparing American and Russian cultures, brought both sides closer. The Russian students enjoyed the tour of the house because it was very interesting to see the inside of a typical American home built on Russian land. Russian tea ceremony held in American Home contributed much to establishing friendly relationship between Russians and Americans.

The invitation to visit Murom in April (2013) was gladly accepted. Welcome to Murom Institute!

Last week my group and I visited the American Home. It was fantastic! As for me, it’s a great chance to try my English opportunities. There we had a discussion with the Americans. They were nine: Amy, David, Keny, Zach, Nora and others. We spoke a bit about the house and then introduced ourselves and asked them different questions. The Americans spoke so fast that sometimes I couldn't understand them. But in whole I can understand them. It was curious for me to learn that they really go in shoes while at home.

Sofia Gerasyova

Over a cup of tea I met Nora and Zach. When I asked Zach who his favourite poet was, he said Sergey Yesenin. I advised him to watch the film about this famous poet on the first TV channel at 21:30. I was very surprised when I asked Kate: «What is the English for скучаю?» and Nora answered my question. It was an incredible and interesting day for me because I had never talked with foreigners.

Kate Varfolomeeva

After the tour we had tea with American guys. They are very talkative, kind, interesting and smiling. Americans and Russians are vere different. Americans haven`t complexes. I spoke with Nora and Adam. They told about their teaching, life in America and others interesting things. Now the visit to America is my large dream!

Yulia Podstavnyagina

The Americans were very friendly, cheerful and sociable. They willingly answered our questions, told about themselves and joked. I understood almost everything what they said. It was difficult for me because they spoke so fast. I was happy with the trip! I hope to go there again.

Maxim Zhukov

It was great! We waited for it so long. I was looking forward for this project because it was the first meeting with persons, who speak English.

Alisher Boltaev

We were looking forward for this trip for a long time. We prepared for it the whole first semester. So, one day we started for Vladimir. First of all, we got acquainted with the American guys. Then they showed the home for us. After the official part of our meeting we had a cup of tea. It was an unusual day. We had English practice for 2 hours with native speakers. I think it’s very important for us, because we understand how useful our knowledge of English language and American cultures. After that trip all of us decided to work harder.

Ekaterina Osipova

I really like the trip to Vladimir to the American Home. I have got a lot of positive emotions. My communication with American teachers only increased my desire to achieve the perfect English pronunciation. I hope that someday we go back and we will communicate with them in English even better than now.

Ekaterina Mokeeva

The visit to the American Home will stay in my memory for a long time, because it was my first communication with the Americans. I received a lot of positive emotions. I realized that the Americans have a great sense of humor, they are very sociable and positive people. I learned from them to be focused on own work, but at the same time not to forget to smile and enjoy life!

Mariya Mokeeva

American teachers answer the questions of the Murom students with pleasure

Murom Institute students listen to American teachers with interest

This small house can host many guests

Our American friends: Amy Brunner, Zach Bullard, Kenney Hensley, Alexa Coccaro, Nora Murray, William Murawski, Adam Treml and Graham Welling

Russian guys from Murom Institute seems to enjoy the American Home Library

It is good to speak to American friends drinking tea according to Russian traditions

There is always a lot of topics to discuss

Two Russian and one American girl sitting at the table

It is time to exchange contact information

Saying good-bye to the American Home