5 April 2014

American home teachers (Ali Thieman, Lindsay Smith, Christine Herrmann, Graham Welling, Adam Treml), 5 Institute language instructors (E.A. Pankratova, N.V. Zhilenko, E.V. Molodkina, K.O. Matskevich, V.Yu. Sintsov ) and 23 Murom students participated in the project. The discussed issues included those touching upon the problems of cross-cultural communication. The students’ talks were well-prepared and accompanied by the electronic presentations.

The American teachers took into consideration the speaking skills, the depth of the problem analysis in their judging the presentations.

They awarded the first prize to Nadezda Leikina for the presentation about hospitality in Russia and the USA. The second was Ekaterina Brovkina with the speech about communication difference. Ekaterina Skurygina was the third with the presentation of the Russian Language.

Unofficial communication continued after the conference when American guests guided by the Murom students visited Murom sights. The tour of historic and holy places in Murom helped to create unity among the Russians and Americans so they could learn the culture and language of both countries. The students themselves organized the evening events in Murom for the Americans. Use of good English helped the Russian students show the hospitality and cordiality of Russian families.

Thank you, American teachers, for coming and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us!