Alternative Spring Break. Murom

The Project was initiated by the American Home and supported by the Murom Institute. It is managed by David Johnson (Coordinator, Intensive Russian Program, American Home (Vladimir, Russia); Lectures in Russia, Vanderbilt University), Elena Alexandrovna Pankratova (Head of Murom Institute Foreign Languages Department) and Nataliya Vladimirovna Zhilenko (Senior Instructor of the Foreign Languages Department).

The goals to be accomplished include the following: 1) academic support of the English Language Program at the MI VlGU Department of Foreign Languages (provided by the American side); 2) assistance in developing Russian language skills and acquiring Russian culture awareness (provided by the Russian side).

The American side is represented by the students of American Universities joining the project during the spring break. The Russian side is represented by the faculty of the Foreign Languages Department and the students studying English in Murom Institute. This is an annual project.

The Project includes an extensive academic program:

  • participation in the meetings with Russian students, postgraduates and Instructors who are interested in the American English language and American Culture;
  • attending English classes as native speaking visitors;
  • making audio and video recordings of the teaching materials in for General English and English for Specific Purposes programs.

The cultural program of the Project includes:

  • sightseeing in the ancient city of Murom (the oldest orthodox Russian churches and monasteries, places associated the epic hero Ilya Muromets and Pyotr and Fevronia – symbols of family, love and fidelity);
  • visiting Local History Museum and Exhibition Hall;
  • taking part in the traditional performances held by the Folk Arts House;
  • going to the concerts performed in the Palace of Culture.